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Skill-Based Gaming Arrives At More Vegas Casinos

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Skill-Based Gaming Arrives At More Vegas Casinos

More skill-based gaming machines have come to the Las Vegas Strip giving punters the chance to bet on their abilities to survive a zombie-infested field or use a catapult.

Gamblit Gaming unveiled TriStation, a pod containing three interactive gaming stations, at Planet Hollywood earlier this week. Each TriStation offers six skill-based games: “Into the Dead”, “Catapult King”, “Lucky Words”, “Match 3volution”, “Smoothie Blast” and “Slice of Cake”.

The games give players various tasks such as zombie shooting, knocking down castles with a catapult, forming words from letters, creating creatures or fruit smoothies and even baking a cake.

Earlier this year Gamblit introduced skill-based games in Caesars Entertainment’s resorts along the Strip. It offered two games, “Gamblit Poker” and “Cannon Beard’s Treasure”.

Most of the games have a minimum bet of around $0.50 and a maximum bet of $10. The wins vary from game to game but some offer payouts of up to 300:1 depending on the amount bet.

The games appear to be popular with visitors, as Gamblit’s chief of marketing Darion Lowenstein said, “If they weren’t making money, they wouldn’t give us the floor space.”

The games are currently being promoted and there are video trailers for them on screens throughout Planet Hollywood. Furthermore, they are included in loyalty card promotions and flyers given to hotel guests.

Gamblit isn’t the only company producing skill-based interactive games. Konami introduced a version of “Frogger” at the Level Up gaming lounge at the MGM. GameCo. also introduced some interactive games in Atlantic City.

This isn’t a strictly new innovation, a number of years ago there were some interactive games introduced as bonus rounds on slot machines. However, based upon the current trends it looks to become far more common.


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