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Mystery Brit Wins $1.75 Million in Las Vegas Casino

Mystery Brit Wins $1.75 Million in Las Vegas Casino

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Mystery Brit Wins $1.75 Million in Las Vegas Casino

A very lucky British man has revealed secret film of his jackpot winning spree in Las Vegas playing a on a $5,000 a spin slot machine. A video that was shared online shows the player, who is only known as Nick, laughing to himself as he gets lucky four times and wins an incredible $1.75 million.

It is thought that the winning spree happened in the Aria casino resort that can be seen towering above Las Vegas.

The video begins with the high roller smiling next to a slot machine that is showing it has just paid out a $1 million jackpot. Nick points to the winning combination and says, “Three white sevens. One million…lovely.”

He then laughs before the camera cuts to another jackpot payout. This time he can be seen collecting an additional $400,000 after another seven wins.

Someone can then be heard asking him what time it is, to which he responds “Seven thirty in the morning.”

The video then goes on to show the man winning two more huge payouts and as his final win comes in, another $400,000, he enthuses “lovely jubbly.”

After the third and the fourth big wins the man’s friend can be heard laughing the background. One of his friends can also be seen eating while the man plays on the slot machine.

However, it is not known when this video was filmed. Nearly all Las Vegas casinos ban filming on the casino floor but some don’t mind players showing off big wins as it is good for publicity.

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