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Las Vegas Casinos Begin to Look to Bitcoin

Las Vegas Casinos Begin to Look to Bitcoin

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Las Vegas Casinos Begin to Look to Bitcoin

For many people the main image associated with the Las Vegas Strip is that of coins being placed into slot machines. However, as gaming and technology advances this is changing, that doesn’t mean that slots are becoming less popular or quieter, but they have certainly changed. Many are predicting that the next big thing to hit Vegas will be the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and some casinos are already getting in on the action.

Bitcoin looks set to continue growing in popularity and it has already made some investors into millionaires. It is no surprise that Las Vegas casinos want to get in on the action and they are working hard to ensure that visitors can use their bitcoins to play their favourite casino games.

The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel was the first casino to accept bit coins and they have been joined by the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. It is widely expected that most of the other major casinos on the strip will soon follow suit.

While it is not yet possible to transfer funds directly from a bitcoin wallet to a casino table, it is possible to use bitcoins at the front desk, the gift shop and other places within the casino. Furthermore, at the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel there is a Bitcoin ATM inside the casino. The ATM can be used to deposit bitcoins as well as to exchange existing bitcoins for cash. The cash can of course then be used at the casino tables.

It will probably be a few years before bitcoins are fully integrated into Las Vegas’ casinos, but it highly likely that the day will come.

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