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Terry Mitchell

Terry Mitchell is an ex-poker player who brings with him specialist skills and a unique insight into the world of online gambling. He enjoys writing about gambling strategies and bringing readers tips on how they can maximise their winnings.


Scarlett Fischer

Scarlett Fischer has an extensive background in social gaming. She has a real passion for staying on top of all the latest online gambling game releases and new opportunities available to players. Scarlett also takes an interest in player success stories and big wins.


Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes used to work in the world of travel where she discovered a love of Las Vegas and all things gambling related. She now combines these two areas of her life to bring readers the latest gambling news and hot gossip.


Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright is a true sports enthusiast with a particular passion for football and rugby. He comes from a background in sports journalism and is always on top of the latest sporting news. The combination of Daniel’s passion for sports and betting makes him an excellent source of betting tips.


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